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Earned skills

By completing the practical Sustainable Business Change Manager programme, the participant has gained knowledge, methods and tools for working with sustainability in a structured, systematic and business strategic way across business disciplines.

The programme has equipped the participant with tools and knowledge about:

  • Strategy - Clear Purpose: Social megatrends; Law and ESG compliance; Strategy development; Sustainable strategies and business models.

  • Organisation - Corporate Engagement: Change management & leadership; Internal CSR integration (structure & culture); Employee engagement. 

  • Value chain alliances - Collaborative Co-creation: Shared value partnerships; Responsible supply chain management & procurement; Scope 1,2,3 CO2 emissions in business operations; Customer engagement & sales.

  • Communication & reporting - Clear communication: External & internal CSR communication strategies & plans; Authentic branding; ESG reporting.

As part of the programme, participants apply their acquired knowledge & tools by developing a sustainable business action plan for a company of their own choice.

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The Sustainable Business Change Manager certificate programme is a part of The Social Business Academy - a service provided by TANIA ELLIS - The Social Business Company®.  The company is a recognized Scandinavian-based and B Corp-certified speaking, consulting and training company, which over the past 20 years has inspired and helped companies and professionals create value for society & the bottom line.

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